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Depression in the pandemic

So today is perhaps my thirtieth day of officially being quarantined; honestly, I’ve lost count. It is enough that I’m constantly referring to my phone to recall the day of the week, for the longer I am in quarantine the more the days just seem to blur together …composed of uneventful routines. How many times can one wash the dishes or wipe down counters without feeling utterly bored and unproductive?! It is this idle time that gives leeway to dark contrary thoughts of financial woes, governmental conspiracy, emptying supermarket shelves, rising death tolls, etc.

How can one hinder the stressors of our present state living situation from becoming overwhelming and falling into a state of depression when the news and social media is constantly giving stats on the rate of illness, reporting the number of deaths, and showing pictures of cars lined up at a food bank waiting to get something to take home to their families?! On top of this, there is an increase in individuals loosing their source of income and the unemployment telephone number is constantly blaring busy signals: making it impossible for someone to file or claim unemployment benefits. For anyone who experiences anxiety and is prone to depression, there is a constant warfare going on in the mind. I daily …hourly …moment by ‘hand ticking on the clock moment’ have to remind myself this is not the end. This is an event the world is experiencing together and even in the darkest moment of doubt, I AM NOT ALONE!

If you are going through anything similar to what I am experiencing, then trust you have others who completely understand the waking up in tears, the night sweats, the inability to fall asleep, the worrying over how bills will get paid, and how this ‘April’s distance equals May’s existence’ will truly impact our kids’ education …I get it! We are in the same boat and WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER!