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My Words

Through poetry, I can let my voice be heard

Like an echo from the shade

Or like a drink of lemonade

Quenching the thirst  

Of a hot summer’s day

But it’s only words or is it?

You see, words can kill or give birth

With words …God created the world

In Genesis 1 He said,  

“Let there be light,”

And there was light

So, with words…

With my poetry…

I can preach a sermon that’s never been heard

Speak healing to the body of a sick little girl

I can unveil my destiny

Build a castle out of sand

Turn an egotistic little boy

Into a well-built man

I can say to my mountains,

“Be thou cast into the sea.”

I can imprison…

Or set somebody free

So, Lord let the words of my mouth

And the meditation of my heart

Be acceptable in the sight

For words can cut

And pierce a heart like a knife.

Before I open my mouth,

Enable me to phrase my words right.

That when I speak my words  




Life lesson learned through personal experience: It is possible to create the atmosphere you desire through the words you speak; positive words breathes positive environment.

The Legacy for My life

I’m standing her listening to the drip, drip, dropping of the rain

Agonized by planned achievements I’ve yet to attain

Sadly, I acknowledge the feeling of life passing me by

And I question within myself, “What men will say of me when I die?”

Will my biography read:

        Yet to live her dreams,

        Yet to soar to the sky,

        Here upon white satin

        Forever silent visions lie?!

So what’s my legacy? What will I leave behind?

I look deep inside but the answer I still cannot find

Yet somehow, I know

I must leave an impact

Make my life worthwhile

Prove the naysayers wrong

And leave a legacy of pride

But how can I do this?

How can I establish my worth?

How can I let the world know…

There’s divine reason for my birth?

The only talent I’m aware of is manipulation of paper and pen

Putting rhyme to rhythm, can this be the means to my end?

Can I one day write the songs that make the world cry?

Can I one day write an ode to turn a tear to a smile?

Can I one day impact the nation with the lyrics that I write?

Can I one day establish the legacy of my life?

Peace After the Storm

(A dedication to the memory of my father)

With forehead pressed against yours

I focused on your breath,

The rise and fall of your chest.

I inhaled the man that you were  

Will always be…




We stood there at your bed

Hearts mingled with joy and sorrow

Faces damp with unending tears

Knowing today

the angels would take you away

We listened, Pandora played

An oh so fitting tune,

                    “The storm is over now.

                      No more sickness.

                      The storm is over now.”

And as the song faded

So did your pulse

As the music ended

A miracle took place

You transitioned  

Right before our eyes

So with forehead pressed against yours

I focused on your breath

The rise and fall of your chest

I inhaled the man that you were  

Will always be…




                    “The storm is over now”

And there is peace.

Bishop Clarence G. Collins

Clarence G. Collins

1944 – 2012

Called To Kingdom Things

I know you feel I’ve left you

And your world is crashing in

There is a wall before

And a wall behind

Seems your enemy

Has trapped you in

You’re giving up hope

You’re losing ground

You’re tired of waiting for the dawn

But my spirit that lives inside you

Urges you to carry on

I see your tears

I hear your prayers

I feel the pain you feel

But look inside dear

try and see what I see…

For there’s a promise awaiting you

A dream to be fulfilled

You’re a chosen one

You’re called son

Called to Kingdom things

So, though you feel I’ve left you

Hold to my hands

Your sorrow will soon be over

Your joy will soon begin

You’re a chosen one

You’re called son

Called to Kingdom things

Don’t Quit!

I know your day looks dim.

If it ain’t this

Then it’s something



And you’re perpetually waiting,

Waiting for the dawn to appear;

Heart longing for a glimmer of hope

But Hope refuses to draw near.

She escapes you…

Like a virgin clinging to her innocence

And you, like a raging hormonal feen,

Your left aching;

Aching for the void in you to end,

Aching for something new to begin.

But let me remind you, my friend…

The night gets darkest right before dawn

So, as long as you don’t quit,

You can rewrite this ballad

and sing a happier song

For though Hope eludes you

Perseverance will wink

and blow you a kiss

And with a reassuring voice

She’ll whisper,

“Hun, you can get through this.”