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A Salvation Story

A young man came to me

He had tears in his eyes

He said,

      “Oh, with all this pain

        I wish that I could die.”

I asked him,

        “Why is it you feel this way?”

He replied,  

       “In my situation, I feel I’m bound to stay.”

And as he continued, I felt his pain in my heart

So, I looked up to heaven for something to impart

He pleaded,

        “How can I rise  

         From the despair that I’m in?

         I’m lost and confused,  

         Wanna end this life of sin.

          But I feel so trapped on this path!

          I need someone to pray.

          Intercede on my behalf,

          So the Lord can change my way.”

After I listened

With my heart bent low

Feeling as the Lord must have  

Taking up men’s sorrow,

I grabbed him by the shoulders  

And with him, I wept

Knowing not so long ago

I was enslaved at that depth

And we stood there,

Finding peace  

In each other’s embrace;

While I renewed my vows

And he accepted God’s Grace.