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I Cry

They say, “No woman nuh cry”

Hmmm, …that’s a lie!

So, let me tell you the truth, my dear

Many a night I’ve soaked my pillow with tears

There was a time I wanted to die

So, I gotta stop and testify…

I was trapped in suicidal despair

And those forbidden tears were always there

So yes, women do cry!

There was a time I walked the streets

Looking a home for my child and me

There was no peace when I laid my head

For I turned my back on the grace of heaven  

I walked alone!

Chose to walk alone

Chose to walk away from God’s holy throne

So yes, I cried

I cried life’s bitter tears

Drank from life’s bitter sea

Deception had taken a hold of me…

But when I couldn’t take it anymore  

And all I tried had failed

I got on my knees and repented in prayer

Especially then, my tears were there

I cry!

I cry when dark nights tarry on

And I yearn to glimpse the break of dawn

I cry for the Potter is molding me!

Stretching me!

Refining me!

“No woman nuh cry”

That’s a lie …cause I’m a woman,

And still, I cry.

Life lesson learned through personal experience: regardless of how dark and dismal the present may appear,  night hours eventually yield and give way to the morning’s dawn. Therefore, don’t succumb to the fear and doubts of today for the very thing you’re afraid of today, you might be grateful for tomorrow.

Thank God For My Child

She’s my ‘lil angel sent from above

My precious ‘lil bundle of love

But when I looked at her hands and feet

And realized just how much she needed me…

Responsibility gripped me with fear.

I loved her, love her still

But the enemy snuck in  

With what’s classified:

                            Postpartum Syndrome

(It’s not faked or imagined  

by women to receive attention)

No. It was real!

A sense of despair was all I could feel!

But isn’t it funny?!

Now I miss those ten ‘lil fingers and ten ‘lil toes

Cause they don’t cling to me as much anymo’

I miss those ten ‘lil fingers and ten ‘lil toes

Cause oh! How those fingers and toes have grown

My precious ‘lil child is now taller than me

God has blessed her intelligent ‘lil mind  

With great dig ideas…

And isn’t it funny?!

What the enemy may use to destroy you,

God uses to build your character;

For where there was depression

God’s restored my joy and laughter.

Thank God for my child!