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Don’t Quit!

I know your day looks dim.

If it ain’t this

Then it’s something



And you’re perpetually waiting,

Waiting for the dawn to appear;

Heart longing for a glimmer of hope

But Hope refuses to draw near.

She escapes you…

Like a virgin clinging to her innocence

And you, like a raging hormonal feen,

Your left aching;

Aching for the void in you to end,

Aching for something new to begin.

But let me remind you, my friend…

The night gets darkest right before dawn

So, as long as you don’t quit,

You can rewrite this ballad

and sing a happier song

For though Hope eludes you

Perseverance will wink

and blow you a kiss

And with a reassuring voice

She’ll whisper,

“Hun, you can get through this.”